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About Ajp Creations

Hi, my name is Angie and I am Ajp Creations

      Although I have had no formal training, I have always been creative.  After spending countless years in the accountancy world being creative with numbers, I now spend all my time following my true passion of creating artwork, sketching and design.  I work in different mediums including pastels, watercolour pencils and more recently digital design.

     I love the Mediterranean lifestyle and architecture, and have spent many years traveling with my husband  photographing  views which provide the material for my Mediterranean  pictures.

      I am now experimenting with digital design and have created the images in the picture galleries "English Coastal Towns" and "All things beach". 
These are a lot bolder than the softness of the Mediterranean scenes and lend to a more modern image.

     I have recently expanded my portfolio of creating my own unique funky designs which I heat press (with the help of my stalwart husband) on to items for the home and for personal use.  These items are too numerous to mention as I am always trying something different!  But some can found in the online shop or at shows that I will be attending during the year.

     I also do portraits of people and animals, using dry watercolour pencil and pastels.

      Based in West Sussex with my husband and cat Lottie, I work in my studio in the garden and look forward to spending many weekends at shows and events in and around the surrounding area.